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15 Trashy Bagel Topping Combos That Are Actually Brilliant

You are not above this.

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Have you ever looked down at your bagel, smeared with quietly dignified cream cheese, maybe topped off with a little bit of lox or onion, and wished that it could offer you...more? Like, for instance, a bunch of Doritos?

Here's a beautiful thing to consider: No one is stopping from you from putting all kinds of insane junk on your bagel. It's YOUR bagel. You can do WHATEVER YOU WANT.


Are you intrigued? Good. We have a few suggestions for your next bagel opportunity.

1. The Birthday Cake Bagel

Lauren Zaser / Alice Monkongllite / BuzzFeed Life

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!! We crumbled up Hostess mini powdered sugar Donettes, and can highly recommend them for this purpose.

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