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19 Legitimately Awesome Cookie Cutters

Watch out, world: I've got a small piece of plastic shaped like the Millennium Falcon and I'm NOT afraid to use it.

1. Tetris Cookie Cutters

2. Pair of Glasses Cookie Cutter

3. ABC (Already Been Chewed) Cookie Cutters

4. Helvetica Cookie Cutters

5. Ninjabread Men Cookie Cutters

6. Envelope Cookie Cutter

7. Star Wars Cookie Cutters

8. Pride & Prejudice Cookie Cutters

9. Cupcake Cookie Cutters

10. Mini Letter Cookie Cutters

11. Shiba Inu Cookie Cutter

12. Kitchenaid Mixer Cookie Cutter

13. Personalized Pug Cookie Cutter

14. Stackable Teddy Bear Cookie Cutter Set

Well if that ain't just the cutest thing. Get the three-piece set for $3.99 at Wilton.

15. Honeycomb Cookie Cutter

16. Tea Party Cookie Cutters

17. Smart Phone Cookie Cutter

18. 3-D Dino Cookie Cutters

19. Christmas Tree Ornament Cookie Cutters

Check out the Printmeneer and CookieParlor shops on Etsy for lots more clever 3D-printed cutters.