19 Legitimately Awesome Cookie Cutters

Watch out, world: I’ve got a small piece of plastic shaped like the Millennium Falcon and I’m NOT afraid to use it.

1. Tetris Cookie Cutters

Even when you lose, you win. THE PERFECT GAME. Get a set of seven shapes for $9.99 at ThinkGeek.

2. Pair of Glasses Cookie Cutter

Sweet specs, bro. Get it for $9.06 on Etsy.

3. ABC (Already Been Chewed) Cookie Cutters

Discourage would-be cookie snatchers. Get a set of three for $10.99 on Amazon.

4. Helvetica Cookie Cutters

Put out these cookies at your holiday party as an easy way to distinguish which of your friends have font game. Get a set of 8 letters for $56.26 on Etsy.

5. Ninjabread Men Cookie Cutters

So stealthy you’ll find yourself eating 300 cookies without noticing. Get a set of three for $9.07 on Amazon.

6. Envelope Cookie Cutter

I will no longer accept ANY correspondence that fails to arrive in a cookie envelope. Get it for $9.06 on Etsy.

7. Star Wars Cookie Cutters

NERD ALERT. Get a set of four for $7.99 at Williams-Sonoma.

8. Pride & Prejudice Cookie Cutters

A very merry Christmas to Mr. and Mrs. Darcy. Get the set of two for $16.03 on Etsy.

9. Cupcake Cookie Cutters

Listen, in an ideal world you wouldn’t eat cupcake-related foods at all. But if you must, I’d rather you eat them in cookie form. Get a set of three for $12 on Etsy.

10. Mini Letter Cookie Cutters

“My favorite font is probably Garamond. What’s yours?”

Get it for $12.95 at Williams-Sonoma.

11. Shiba Inu Cookie Cutter


much bake

so meme

Get it for $12.50 on Etsy.

12. Kitchenaid Mixer Cookie Cutter

For the self-aware food freak in your life. Get it for $7.99 on Etsy.

13. Personalized Pug Cookie Cutter

You can order your dog their very own name-imprinted cookie cutter and make dog biscuits JUST FOR THEM. Get the pug for $17 on Etsy and check out more dog breed options in the Name That Cookie shop.

14. Stackable Teddy Bear Cookie Cutter Set


Well if that ain’t just the cutest thing. Get the three-piece set for $3.99 at Wilton.

15. Honeycomb Cookie Cutter

Sometimes the simplest shapes are actually the most satisfying to make (and eat). Get it for $4.99 on Etsy.

16. Tea Party Cookie Cutters

Get the six-piece set for $11.98 on Etsy.

17. Smart Phone Cookie Cutter

Ugh, idk why but my texts aren’t going through??? Get it for $7.99 on Etsy.

18. 3-D Dino Cookie Cutters

RAWRRRR. Available in collectible T-Rex, Triceratops, Stegosaurus, and Brachiosaurus flavors. Get one dino for $12 at Suck UK.

19. Christmas Tree Ornament Cookie Cutters

All the most stylish trees are wearing cookies this year. Get a set of four for $14 on Etsy.

Check out the Printmeneer and CookieParlor shops on Etsy for lots more clever 3D-printed cutters.

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