17 Kinds Of “Sushi” That Ain’t Fooling Anyone

Hey, you’re not sushi. You’re just a sneaky banana!

1. Peeps Sushi

Please don’t encourage the Peeps.

2. Ice Cream Sushi

Listen, I know from ice cream.

3. Sandwich Sushi

Sure, you could eat this for lunch if you’re an elf or enjoy feeling unsatisfied. Alternative: Eat a real sandwich. Alternative #2: Eat real sushi.

4. Strawberry Shortcake Sushi

No complaints, delightful.

5. Candy Sushi

Just looking at this makes my molars hurt.

6. Fast Food Sushi

“Baconator, bacon and french fry sushi” brought to you by Epic Meal Time, naturally.

7. Peanut Butter Sushi

Won’t lie, if I were 9 years old I would be all about this.

8. Macaroni And Cheese Sushi

A+ for concept. Still not sushi.

9. Banana Sushi

Yo, not only is that not sushi, it’s freaking with an otherwise blameless banana. No good can come of this.

10. Tiramisushi

You’re not even trying.

11. Burrito Sushi

Putting this junk in an actual seaweed wrapper takes some nerve.

12. Omelette Sushi

What’s the goal here, even?

13. Cake Sushi

Those pastry cream blobs are like horrifying little grinning teeth. Take it away, please.

14. Lego Sushi


15. Crocheted Sushi

Hahahahahaha why do they have tiny faces, this is uncomfortable?

17. Baby Sushi


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