27 Important Recipes For People Who Love Campari

Campari isn't for everyone. But those who get it get it.

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If you don't know from Campari — a bittersweet, bright red Italian aperitif infused with oranges, rhubarb, and a top-secret blend of interesting herbs — then it's time you took the plunge.

The first time you try Campari, you'll probably think anyone who says they love it is either crazy or lying; that's normal. It's bitter. Then you'll try it again, with plenty of seltzer and a slice of orange, and you'll start to understand. Pretty soon you'll be fully addicted. And once you are, here are some creative ideas to help you proceed.

12. Campari Ice Cubes

Mix Campari with equal parts orange juice or water and freeze into cubes (you need to dilute the alcohol percentage or they won't freeze). Then you can eat them like a slushy or put them in pretty much any drink. More info here.