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29 Photos Of Delicious Hurricane Food

Nothing gets people cooking like imminent doom. What's your #sandysnack?

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WARNING: A chili flood advisory has been issued for the East Coast. Looks increasingly likely that this storm is actually a nefarious plot hatched by the bean lobby.


@a_reh: "When missing home, bring home with me. This is a family favorite, thanksgiving staple, and absolute hit with anyone and everyone. #strawberrypretzelsalad #strawberries #freshfruit #dessert #sidedish #dinner #favoritefood #familytradition #cooking #recipe #baking #jellorecipe #stormfood"

Yup yes uh-huh that is in fact a "strawberry pretzel salad."


sushimonkee: "Spicy, roasted chicken with fennel seeds, stuffed with thyme, rosemary, sage, on top of roasted potatoes, shallots, and garlic (yes, the chicken fat totally tripped down and smothered the potatoes with love) @immaculateinfat #sandysnacks"

Thanks to Immaculate Infatuation for issuing a stirring #sandysnacks challenge on Instagram, which netted a bunch of these.

Now show and tell: What's keeping you cozy during the deluge? Add your best weather-defying #stormfood and #sandysnacks in the comments.

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