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    How To Throw The Best Election Party Ever

    No matter who wins, everyone will agree that you're awesome.

    First, DIY some cute invites.

    Get the place spruced up.

    Make sure the dog has something to wear.

    And that you do too.

    You'll want a playlist to keep things lively. Start with the Meat Loaf slow jams...

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    Hey, better than this.

    And work your way up to some Pitbull.

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    Prep a few dance moves (in case of victory).

    Get all your screens up and running.

    Put out games to keep guests entertained.

    And don't forget to keep track of the results.

    To drink, how about a red, white, and blue mojito?

    Or just do shots all around.

    Set out plenty of bipartisan coasters.

    And swizzle sticks.

    Stock up on snacks.

    Serve some burgers for the Obama fans...

    And meatloaf for the Romney crowd.

    If you fry anything, make sure the pans are patriotic.

    No matter who wins, try not to let dessert get too combative.

    Pie knows no party lines.

    You could also pretend you're going to make these candy bars.

    Or a ninja interior-flag cake.

    But it's more likely you'll just ice a few cookies.

    Or, let's be honest, do this.

    When it's all over, don't let the dishes sit around too long.

    And remember: Being busy party-planning is no excuse not to VOTE on Tuesday!