Hand Pies Are The Best And Cutest Pies

    You know what feels good in the hand? Pie does.

    So, have you heard about the new kind of pie that's all the rage lately?

    That's right. We're talkin' HAND PIES.

    Hand pies, like their more traditional pie cousins, have flaky crusts and nice, juicy fillings.

    But these are tiny, teeny, eensie-weensie pies.

    So tiny they fit right in your hand!

    They can be sweet...

    ...or savory.

    You can make them in summer...

    ...or in winter.

    You can fold them into little half-moons...

    ...or lovely, zaftig pop-tart rectangles.

    You can cut out circular crusts...

    ...or tidy squares.

    You can make them in a muffin tin...

    ...or let 'em run wild and free-form.

    You can even fry them.

    You can sneak a little cheese inside...

    ...or get them tipsy by adding booze.

    You can use whatever kind of pastry strikes your fancy.

    The only unbreakable rule of hand pies is that you — yes, you — must eat the entire thing. Without assistance.

    Other than that, there are no rules. If you dream a hand pie, you can make it real.