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    19 Tips To Make Your Bed Even More Cozy

    Home is where the z's are.

    Amy Sefton for BuzzFeed

    1. A fuzzy rug right next to your bed will make it so much easier to actually get up.

    2. Turn a nook into a delightfully secret hideaway.

    Under-bed library optional but highly recommended. Find out more at Apartment Therapy.

    3. Arm sleepers, rejoice: They finally made a pillow just for you.

    Available here.

    4. Get a giant, chunky, cable-knit blanket.

    Le Souk /

    If you get to wear sweaters, why shouldn't your bed? Check out this easy free pattern if you're knitting-inclined, or just throw some $$$ around.

    5. Fake a DIY canopy by hanging fabric from the ceiling.

    Wooden dowels and cheap curtain rods will make you look like you have extensive DIY skills even if you don't.

    6. Keep your electronics out of bed range so you're less likely to hit snooze or stay up all night scrolling.

    Thinkstock / Via

    It'll make you feel much more well rested.

    7. Mattress toppers are an easy way to instantly up your cozy factor.

    They come in foam and down-filled versions.

    8. String lights don't have to look dorm-y or Christmas-y.

    Hang them behind a curtain to diffuse the glow, and even if you don't have a nearby outlet, you can always buy lights that are battery-operated.

    9. Make your bed every day.

    Design by Noa Santos and Justin Di Piero for / Photo by Claire Esparros Di Piero for / Via

    It'll make you feel productive and accomplished before you've even left the house, it'll help you sleep better, and it's like giving Future You a little treat.

    10. These handy straps will keep your sheets from sliding around.

    Get 'em here.

    11. And try not to cheat by throwing your covers around haphazardly.

    This video will make you a hospital corner genius.

    12. Invest in a comforter or quilt that you absolutely love.

    Chances are it's the first thing you notice when you walk in your bedroom door. And if you choose one like this that's already textured, it won't show wrinkles or last-minute bed-making lumps as easily.

    13. Do as the Europeans do and skip the top-sheet.

    14. If you don't have a headboard, something as simple as a sheet of metal or wood can have the same visual effect.

    Lauren Zaser / BuzzFeed

    Check out this post to see a truly magical bedroom makeover.

    15. It's surprisingly easy to turn cheap bath mats, dish towels, or throw rugs into pillows.

    Find out how here.

    16. A warm little bedside lamp means you don't have to get up once you've hunkered down with a book.

    Alexi Hobbs / Dwell / Via

    Find out how to make this one or just buy one you love.

    17. A lavender sachet or spray can help you drift off more easily.

    Tuck one of these guys under a pillow or hang it nearby.

    18. Get a full-body pillow for hardcore cuddling.

    With or without another human present. Get one here.

    19. Add a pal.

    Lauren Zaser / BuzzFeed

    It's not the best feng shui in the world, but who could resist a face like that?