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Graeter's Unleashes A New Ice Cream Flavor On The Nation

Black Cherry Chocolate Chip is the cult Cincinnati ice creamery's first new flavor in three years. And it's good.

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If not, here's the scoop:

(Hahahaha SCOOP, get it?)

It's a family-owned ice cream company based in Cincinnati that makes small batches (two gallons at a time) of extremely creamy ice cream, and a lot of people go BONKERS for it.

She once plugged their ice cream in her magazine and on her show and basically broke their phone line.

Graeter's isn't carried in a lot of stores (you can see where they distribute here), since they can't produce on a huge scale — but the good news is that you can order their ice cream online.

And you should think about doing so tomorrow, because there's a new flavor coming out. OMG.

Black Cherry Chocolate Chip. Kind of a looker, right?

The new flavor isn't so different from what's currently in the Graeter's stable — there's already a Black Cherry and a whole line of chocolate-chipped varieties, including a seasonal Cherry Chip made with maraschino cherries. But you should still probably order between one and one million pints of Black Cherry Chocolate Chip because it's super-duper delicious.

It's sort of like Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia with a graduate degree: very dense and creamy, with sweet, juicy and totally identifiable dark cherry pieces. The chocolate chips are on a nice mixture of tiny shards and BIG CHUNKS, and they're chewy instead of hard and chalky.

Graeter's will start selling the new flavor on their website tomorrow (Friday February 1).


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