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This Music Video Is The Only Summer Style Inspiration You Need

The video for Frazey Ford's breakup anthem "Done" is the ultimate jumpsuit shopping guide. Get yours, ladies.

Singer Frazey Ford released the song "Done," about kicking ass in the wake of a nasty breakup, as part of her excellent album Indian Ocean this past fall.

Nettwerk Records

But everything has changed now that she's dropped the official music video for the song.

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Because, besides it being a great song, the wardrobe in this video is out of control. And if you're a women who enjoys wearing clothes, you should pay attention, because there is a lot to be learned.

The style on display here ramps up gradually from Ford's super-chill laundromat look at the beginning of the video...

Nettwerk Music /

Jersey dress + denim jacket + cool earrings = trying not too hard, but just hard enough.

Advertisement her very glam mixed-print van-driving outfit:

Nettwerk Music /

The sequined top alone provides more excitement than that gas station has seen in years.

Then we come to her friends' disco-ready tops and earrings...

Nettwerk Music /

(perfect for synchronized dance moves)

Nettwerk Music /

Please note the clutch reuse of the previously noted vest with a baller jumpsuit.

...and the sophisticated floral jumpsuit of every woman's dreams.

Nettwerk Music /

What could be better for stomping down the street with your color-coordinated posse?


Because you can never have too many jumpsuits, here's another one made for strutting:

Nettwerk Music /

With the cool kids!

And, last but certainly NOT least, a sexy metallic number in which to get down with your bad self:

Nettwerk Music /

Watch the whole video to get some new shopping goals, dance moves, and unmitigated girl power for yourself:

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