29 4th Of July Your Kids Will Love

Sometimes all it takes to be patriotic is a few well-placed sprinkles.

1. Get the celebration started early with healthy breakfast toasts.

Deborah Harroun /

Just cream cheese or butter, raspberry jam, and fruit.

2. Have your kids help make these all-natural red, white and blue creamsicles.

You don’t even need a popsicle mold; Dixie cups work fine. Get the recipe.

3. Grill personal pizza crisps topped with berries, basil and brie.

Get the recipe.

4. It just takes sprinkles, melted chocolate and blueberries to make party-worthy ice cream cones.

Get the instructions here.

5. Put together dessert skewers with fruit and angel food cake.

Then dip them in whipped cream or this delicious cheesecake yogurt dip.

6. Buy a star-shaped cookie cutter once, eat super-fun pasta salad forever.

Get the recipe.

7. That goes for fruit salad, too.

Get the recipe.

8. Sprinkle Pop Rocks on cookies to make them into edible firecrackers.

Get the recipe.

9. You can also hide Pop-Rocks inside little firecracker-shaped cakes for a snappy surprise.

Okay, this one’s definitely a more involved project. But they’re so nifty that it’s worth trying. Get the full instructions.

10. This star-pattern “cookie pizza” is achievable for people of any age.

Get the recipe.

11. It’s easier than you think to make these fun layered pudding cups.

Kristyn Merkley /

Get the recipe.

12. Enlist little helpers for the three rounds of energetic shaking required to make patriotic puppy chow.

Get the recipe.

13. Give drinks some holiday spirit with fruit frozen into ice cubes.

Instructions here.

14. Colorful rice krispies treats are so easy you can let the kids do all the work.

Kristyn Merkley /

Get the recipe.

15. Or make a dynamic duo of M&M rice krispie treats: stars AND stripes.


16. Put together a flag-inspired cheese plate with red and blue fruit.

Try cheddar + berries or feta + watermelon.

17. Decorate pretzels to make these adorable flag snacks.

The stripes are made with colored candy melts. More info here

18. Freeze individual portions of striped smoothies in jars to give out at snack time.

Get the recipe.

19. Decorate delicious peanut butter dip with sprinkles to make a flag.

Get the recipe.

20. Cover a cookie cake with red, white and blue M&M’s.

You can make this cool chevron pattern, or let kids free-style their own design. Get the recipe.

21. All you need is styrofoam cups, frosting and colored sugar to decorate adorable “sno-cone” cupcakes.

Chantel Elder / Melissa Johnson /

Get the instructions here.

22. Star-shaped marshmallows are way more fun to wave around than boring old flags.

Get the recipe.

23. For a healthier wand option, stick with fruit.

24. Make patriotic cupcake tops, because everyone knows the tops are the part that make life worth living.

Get the recipe.

25. Dress up ice cream sandwiches in independence-themed sprinkles.

Here’s how.

26. Combine the powers of Oreos and Cool Whip for a patriotic dirt cake.

Kristyn Merkley /

Get the recipe.

27. Have your kids help cut out star chips from tortillas to scoop festive fruit salsa.

Get the recipe.

28. Dip red, white and blue fruit kabobs in yogurt and freeze.


Let each little person assemble their own. Get the instructions here.

29. Add some excitement to super-simple graham cracker ice cream sandwiches.

Get the recipe.

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