29 Foods You Didn’t Know You Could DIY

There’s nothing more intoxicating than the power to create limitless numbers of tater tots in your own home.

1. Homemade Tater Tots

Amy Wisniewski, // Ore-Ida

Hard to say exactly what it is about pellet-shaped hash browns, but gosh, aren’t they magical? Try the basic recipe first and then play around with cool flavors and dipping sauces.

2. Homemade Magic Shell

James Ransom, / Smucker’s

Real witchery: Melted chocolate + coconut oil turns solid when it hits cold ice cream. Get the recipe.

3. Homemade Klondike Bars

Michelle Norris, / Unilever

The ultimate application of the aforementioned magic shell. Get the recipe.

4. Homemade English Muffins

Once you make your own crannies, you’ll never go back. Get the recipe.

5. Homemade Greek Yogurt

Molly Sheridan, / Fage

Or regular yogurt, if you prefer; just leave out the final step of straining. Get the recipe.

6. Homemade Sesame Sticks

Molly Sheridan, / Planter’s

Bad news for incurable snackers. Get the recipe.

7. Homemade Marshmallow Creme

Michelle Norris, / Durkee-Mower, Inc.

Fluffernutter sandwich, here I come! Get the recipe.

8. Homemade Raisins

Molly Sheridan, / Sun-Maid

One of those things that you obviously don’t need to make yourself, but should probably try just because it’s so neat. Get the recipe.

9. Homemade Mustard

Megan Gilmore, / Maille

Nice and spicy and, more importantly, very easy. Get the recipe.

10. Homemade Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Tieghan Gerard, / General Mills

There’s nothing like eating what are essentially sugar-covered squares of pastry dough for breakfast. Get the recipe.

11. Homemade Bagels

Takes some doing, but imagine how proud your bubbe will be. Get the recipe.

12. Homemade Cream Cheese

Molly Sheridan, / Philadelphia

Listen, I made this schmear with my own two hands and I’ll apply it at a depth of three inches if I so choose. Get the recipe.

13. Homemade Lox / Ocean Beauty

Curing salmon with salt and herbs is easier than you think; it just takes a little patience. Get the recipe.

14. Homemade Fortune Cookies

Anna Hezel, / Andrew Malone, Flickr Creative Commons

Prophecy: You will eat at least six of these cookies in one sitting. Get the recipe.

15. Homemade Chocolate Almond Milk

Dana Shultz, / Silk

Sort of like Yoo-Hoo for grownups (and vegans). Get the recipe.

16. Homemade Crushed Red Pepper

This is a great way to rescue fresh hot peppers that have shriveled up because you forget to use them. Get the recipe.

17. Homemade Cornflakes

Alejandra Ramos, / Kellogg’s

You just need cornmeal and a few other basic ingredients to make this cereal. Get the recipe.

18. Homemade Sriracha

Carey Nershi, / Huy Fong

Get the recipe.

19. Homemade Peanut Butter Chips

Dana Shultz, / Reese’s

For all your chunky cookie needs. Get the recipe.

20. Homemade Oyster Crackers

Molly Sheridan, / Premium

Who’s got the soup? Get the recipe.

21. Homemade Cultured Buttermilk

Jill Winger, / Byrne Dairy

You can make all kinds of cultured dairy products at home; the same basic principle works for sour cream too. Get the instructions for both here.

22. Homemade Grape Nuts

For those who enjoy a good molar workout. Get the recipe.

23. Homemade Dairy-Free Ice Cream

Ashley McLaughlin, / So Delicious

Nothing tastes better than not paying $7 for a single pint feels. Get the recipe.

24. Homemade Sprinkles

Michelle Lopez, / Wilton

Because these are made with simple icing, they taste like sugar and vanilla instead of wax and nothingness. Get the recipe.

25. Homemade Maraschino Cherries

Julie Grice, / Luxardo

There are a few ways to go about this; the recipe shown here uses Amaretto (almond-flavored) liqueur and includes instructions for sealing the jars in a hot-water bath. If you’re looking for something a little simpler, try this New York Times recipe using Maraschino liqueur.

26. Homemade Flavored Vodka

Emma Christensen, / Smirnoff

Works with any kind of fruit that strikes your fancy. Here’s how to do it. You can also try infusing liquor with lots of different herbs, spices, and other stuff.

27. Homemade Hot Dog Buns

You’ll be the belle of the barbecue. Get the recipe.

28. Butter

Jessie Cross, / Land O Lakes

One of the small miracles in life: All you have to do is whip cream wayyyy longer than you normally would (a Kitchenaid mixer helps with that) until the butterfat magically separates out. Get the full instructions here.

29. Digestive Biscuits

londonbakes, / McVitie’s

You could skip the chocolate coating, but…why? Get the recipe.

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