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    Posted on Sep 13, 2013

    18 Foods You Could Be Eating Out Of A Cone

    Don't ask questions.

    1. Pizza

    Adam Kuban / Serious Eats

    Both pizza cone vendors of which I am personally aware have closed. And apparently they're just big grease-buckets.

    2. Brownies

    This is just a bullshit barrier to brownie access. I want it STRAIGHT UP.

    3. Sausage, Mashed Potato, Gravy & Peas

    4. Cinnamon Rolls

    It's hard to complain about eating a cinnamon roll in any context, but...? (????)

    5. Spaghetti

    Daniel Lee Gray /

    If you're willing to fly to Korea for research purposes, the restaurant Balena serves a wide array of waffle cone meal options, including steak. On the other hand, don't do that.

    6. Caesar Salad

    In a crouton cone. Get it!? (It's OK if you don't, cone food is complex.)

    7. Muffins

    Potentially a legit hack for sad people who don't own muffin tins; fill the cones and arrange them (Very Carefully) on a baking sheet. Then buy a damn muffin tin.

    8. Bacon & Eggs

    The Bacone contains scrambled eggs, cheese and sausage gravy, and wears a cute little biscuit hat. "It's like an entire Old Country Buffet plate wrapped up into a cone!" Unfortunately, probably best approached with a fork.

    9. Tacos

    Dude Foods strikes again.

    10. Pudding

    I...OK. Sure.

    11. Raw Tuna

    Thanks (?) for bringing this concept into the world, Wolfgang.

    12. Pumpkin Pie

    Get out of here. Just give me a dang slice of pie.

    13. Chicken & Waffles

    Who doesn't love a chicken nubbin?!

    14. Pancakes, Sausage, and Cinnamon Cream Cheese

    Well that, right there, is a goddamn breakfast of champions.

    15. Chili

    Something this magical could only exist at Disneyland.

    16. Fruit Salad

    If your kids are gullible enough, you might be able to convince them it's ice cream.

    17. Mac 'n' Cheese