19 Foods That Have Just Totally Given Up

    Because life is the worst and everything's hard.

    1. This pizza that could barely find the energy to leave the house.

    2. This taco that's been crying for an entire week.

    3. This sandwich that has anxiety about everything, all the time.

    4. These Fig Newtons that broke up with each other but don't know how to move on.

    5. This extra-value meal that's never really learned to value itself.

    6. This pizza that has it all...except someone to love.

    7. This Cadbury egg that's been crushed by the weight of the world.

    8. This pasta that can't bear to get up in the morning.

    9. This cupcake that's realized the best days of its life happened in high school.

    10. This pizza that's shredded its last three credit card bills.

    11. These french fries that are just tired of it all.

    12. This sandwich that doesn't have any friends it can turn to. Not real friends.

    13. This goldfish that can't shake the feeling it's swimming upstream.

    14. This pasta that doesn't have a single good thing to look forward to.

    15. This pizza that SWEARS it's going to quit. Right after it finishes this last cigarette.

    16. This yogurt that's always getting in its own way.

    17. This pizza that just can't catch a break.

    18. This sandwich that's never truly felt it had a home.

    19. This popsicle that feels broken somewhere deep inside.