How You Eat On Instagram Vs. How You Eat In Real Life

Can you guys just hold up on eating that while I spend 45 minutes adjusting the lighting?

1. Coffee on Instagram:

Coffee in real life:

2. Baking cookies on Instagram:

Baking cookies in real life:

3. Birthday cake on Instagram:

Birthday cake in real life:

4. Pizza on Instagram:

5. Fast food on Instagram:

Fast food in real life:

6. Drinking on Instagram:

Drinking in real life:

Sarah (Rosenau) Korf / Flickr: sarahrosenau

7. Afternoon snack on Instagram:

Afternoon snack in real life:

8. Wine tasting on Instagram:

Wine tasting in real life:


9. Salad on Instagram:

Salad in real life:

Alisha Vargas / Flickr: alishav

10. Macarons on Instagram:

11. Dinner parties on Instagram:

Dinner parties in real life:

12. Cereal on Instagram:

Cereal in real life:

13. Sandwiches on Instagram:

14. Grilling on Instagram:

Grilling in real life:

15. Avocado toast on Instagram:

Avocado toast in real life:

I love you avocado and vegemite on toast.

— Josh Newton (@albinjindu)

16. Fried chicken on Instagram:

17. Ice cream on Instagram:

Ice cream in real life:

18. Cooking on Instagram:

Cooking in real life:

19. Chocolate on Instagram:

Chocolate in real life:

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