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    What You Imagine You'll Make For Dinner Vs. What You Actually Eat

    Pinterschmerzen (n.): The acute pain of realizing that your life looks nothing like Pinterest.

    Imagine you'll make: healthy grilled fish.

    Actually eat: frozen fish sticks.

    Imagine you'll make: fancy pasta with seafood.

    Actually eat: sad spaghetti with sauce from a jar.

    Imagine you'll make: gooey, crispy baked mac 'n' cheese.

    Actually eat: Easy Mac.

    Imagine you'll make: fried rice with a perfect sunny-side-up egg.

    Actually eat: weird egg stuff.

    Imagine you'll make: a beautiful pot of fresh vegetable soup.

    Actually eat: soup from a can.

    Imagine you'll make: amazing fried chicken and fluffy biscuits.

    Actually eat: breaded lumps filled with a mysterious chicken-like substance.

    Imagine you'll make: fancy rice salad.

    Actually eat: some rice you forgot you had in your fridge from last weekend.

    Imagine you'll make: delicious hand-made pizza with fresh veggies.

    Actually eat: box-shaped frozen pizza from a box.

    Imagine you'll make: gorgeous ramen with homemade noodles.

    Actually eat: instant noodles out of a styrofoam cup.

    Imagine you'll make: diet-friendly lettuce wraps.

    Actually eat: a burrito as large as a kitten.

    Imagine you'll make: pretty little dumplings you folded with your own two hands.

    Actually eat: mediocre takeout from the place down the street.

    Imagine you'll make: a lovely tuna niçoise salad.

    Actually eat: tuna straight from the can.

    Imagine you'll make: a glorious, bacon-filled plate of pasta carbonara.

    Actually eat: some pasta you microwaved with cheese on it.

    Imagine you'll make: adorable individual frittatas.

    Actually eat: scrambled eggs with...stuff.

    Imagine you'll make: crispy quesadillas filled with lots of good stuff.

    Actually eat: a tortilla with some Kraft singles on top.

    Imagine you'll make: chicken skewers with yummy Thai peanut sauce.

    Actually eat: peanut butter from the jar.


    Always imagine you'll make: real food.

    Always actually eat: cereal.