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21 Fancy Drinks To Help You Forget 2014

This year was a mess. Let's erase it from our memories with classy champagne cocktails.

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1. Raspberry Sgroppino

WHAT is sgroppino? It's a delicious frosty mix of vodka, prosecco, and fruit sorbet that really wants to party with you. You can use any flavor of sorbet if raspberry isn't your thing. Get the recipe.


7. Citrus Cordial Sparklers

Todd Wagner /

"Cordial" just means a syrup made with sugar and the juice and zest from your favorite citrus. Clementine? Grapefruit? Blood orange? All of the above! Get the recipe.

8. Spiced Cranberry Rum Fizz

Autumn Giles /

You can make up a big party-size batch of the syrup and juice base for this ahead of time, then just top with champagne whenever you're ready to get down to business. Get the recipe.


17. Negroni Sbagliato

1 part Campari, 1 part red vermouth, 1 part sparkling wine. YOU'RE WELCOME.


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