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The 35 Most Heartbreaking Food Fails Of 2013

This was the year that we all truly nailed it.

1. These inappropriate corn dog muffins:

@atnejem /

Rude, frankly.

2. This poor, unfortunate watermelon cake:

@tays_got_faith /

Go home, cake. You're drunk.

3. This problematic vegan pasta:

@jenniedwilliams /


4. These unmotivated paleo cinnamon rolls:

Diagnosis: lack of ambition.

5. These doomed mozzarella bites:

@kristenestelle /

ATTN world: These will never work. They will just never, ever work.

6. This rainbow cake that rolled a little too hard:

All adventurous cakes do.

7. These stained-glass cookies:

Breaking my heart.

8. These bunny blobscuits:

@xtremeparnthood /

Don't impose your standard of beauty on my bunny, OK?

9. These horrifying apple turkeys:

10. This candy corn cookie calamity:

@clarissafidler /

And kids, that's why you should never touch candy corn without hazmat gear on.

11. These sad cinnamon bun pancakes:

@miss_tarin /

Good morning!

12. This 14-layer caketastrophe:

Eh, I'd eat it.

13. These broken bacon hearts:

Pretty hurts.

14. These Jell-o shots (?) that never quite jelled:

Stop crying and go get the spoons.

15. This rainbow cupcake mistake:

They just wanted to be free.

16. This...cake?

@emig56 /

17. This salted caramel pretzel meltdown:


18. This attempt at Rice Krispie patriotism:

@lizhorton217 /

19. These would-be quinoa pancakes:

@mamabickler /

20. This rather ineleggant breakfast:

@ladycokonut /

21. This Sour Patch Situation:

What counts is that you tried. Tried and failed miserably.

22. The peanut butter cup cookies that couldn't:

@laurietani /

There were irreconcilable differences.

23. This:

24. This failed fruit roll-up:

Looks about right to me.

25. This almost-ombré cake:

@hannahrmoody /

26. This rainbow pasta tragedy:

@aracuan13 /

You brought this upon yourself for trying to make RAINBOW PASTA in the first place.

27. This incredible, edible sinking sponge cake:

A real letdown.

28. This microwave cookie fiasco:

@bananieannie /

29. These overnight oats:

@emshaer /

Maybe they're just hungover?

30. This not-so-easy mac:

You do realize this comes in a box, right?

31. These heartbreaking yogurt-covered strawberries:

@bbynikkii /

glurp glorp glarp

32. This rubber-ducky cupcake massacre:

They didn't deserve to die like this.

33. This sad bread dachshund:


34. These not-so-hot tater tots:

35. This polka-dot cake:


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