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Updated on Apr 9, 2019. Posted on Dec 27, 2013

The 35 Most Heartbreaking Food Fails Of 2013

This was the year that we all truly nailed it.

1. These inappropriate corn dog muffins:

@atnejem /

Rude, frankly.

2. This poor, unfortunate watermelon cake:

@tays_got_faith /

Go home, cake. You're drunk.

3. This problematic vegan pasta:

@jenniedwilliams /


4. These unmotivated paleo cinnamon rolls:

Diagnosis: lack of ambition.

5. These doomed mozzarella bites:

@kristenestelle /

ATTN world: These will never work. They will just never, ever work.

6. This rainbow cake that rolled a little too hard:

All adventurous cakes do.

7. These stained-glass cookies:

Breaking my heart.

8. These bunny blobscuits:

@xtremeparnthood /

Don't impose your standard of beauty on my bunny, OK?

9. These horrifying apple turkeys:

10. This candy corn cookie calamity:

@clarissafidler /

And kids, that's why you should never touch candy corn without hazmat gear on.

11. These sad cinnamon bun pancakes:

@miss_tarin /

Good morning!

12. This 14-layer caketastrophe:

Eh, I'd eat it.

13. These broken bacon hearts:

Pretty hurts.

14. These Jell-o shots (?) that never quite jelled:

Stop crying and go get the spoons.

15. This rainbow cupcake mistake:

They just wanted to be free.

16. This...cake?

@emig56 /

17. This salted caramel pretzel meltdown:


18. This attempt at Rice Krispie patriotism:

@lizhorton217 /

19. These would-be quinoa pancakes:

@mamabickler /

20. This rather ineleggant breakfast:

@ladycokonut /

21. This Sour Patch Situation:

What counts is that you tried. Tried and failed miserably.

22. The peanut butter cup cookies that couldn't:

@laurietani /

There were irreconcilable differences.

23. This:

24. This failed fruit roll-up:

Looks about right to me.

25. This almost-ombré cake:

@hannahrmoody /

26. This rainbow pasta tragedy:

@aracuan13 /

You brought this upon yourself for trying to make RAINBOW PASTA in the first place.

27. This incredible, edible sinking sponge cake:

A real letdown.

28. This microwave cookie fiasco:

@bananieannie /

29. These overnight oats:

@emshaer /

Maybe they're just hungover?

30. This not-so-easy mac:

You do realize this comes in a box, right?

31. These heartbreaking yogurt-covered strawberries:

@bbynikkii /

glurp glorp glarp

32. This rubber-ducky cupcake massacre:

They didn't deserve to die like this.

33. This sad bread dachshund:


34. These not-so-hot tater tots:

35. This polka-dot cake:


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