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    28 Fruit Desserts Easier Than Pie

    Pie who? Let me introduce you to your new, totally low-maintenance fruity friends: betty, buckle, crisp, crumble, grunt, pandowdy, and slump.

    1. Honey Rhubarb Brown Betty

    2. Peach Brown Betty

    3. Blueberry Buckle

    4. Nectarine Brown Butter Buckle

    5. Rhubarb Buckle

    N.B. Opinions vary infinitely regarding the difference, if there is one, between a crisp and a crumble. One might have oats, but the other might too. According to Gourmet, "A crisp is called a crumble in Britain." Jolly good, carry on.

    6. Rhubarb Crisp

    7. Plum Berry Crisp

    8. Cherry Coconut Crisp (Gluten-Free)

    9. Caramelized Banana Crisp

    10. Raspberry Crisp

    11. Peach and Blackberry Crisp

    12. Pear Ginger Crumble (Gluten-Free)

    13. Blackberry Rhubarb Crumble

    14. Mango Ginger Crumble

    15. Peach and Pecan Sandy Crumble

    16. Blueberry Drop Biscuit Cobbler

    17. Stone Fruit Cobbler

    18. Brown Sugar Berry Cobbler

    19. Cherry Cobbler with Almond–Buttermilk Topping

    20. Peach Blueberry Cobbler

    21. Mixed Berry Grunt

    22. Plum Slump

    23. Blackberry Slump

    24. Stone Fruit Slump

    25. Plum Pandowdy

    26. Raspberry Pandowdy

    27. Apricot and Sweet Cherry Pandowdy

    28. Stone Fruit Patchwork Bake


    A brown betty is the easiest of all: fruit baked with buttery bread crumbs on top.

    A buckle is like a coffee cake with fruit inside: cake batter on the bottom, streusel crumbs (flour + sugar + butter) on top.

    A crisp and a crumble are the same thing: fruit baked with streusel on top.

    A cobbler is fruit baked with biscuit dough on top.

    A grunt and a slump are the same thing: fruit cooked with dumplings on top — basically, steamed cobblers.

    A pandowdy is a pantsless pie — just a top crust, broken up with a knife.