23 Snacks That Should Definitely Exist

I have a dream. My dream is bacon Twizzlers.

1. A Pez-style dispenser that delivers Cheetos directly into your mouth, so you don’t have to get cheese on your fingers.

2. A burrito corn dog where, instead of hot dog, there’s a full array of burrito fillings inside.

3. Savory Pop Tarts with pizza filling:

Well, these sort of do exist. But they need to be EVERYWHERE. Nathan W. Pyle / BuzzFeed

4. Arnold Palmer Oreos, with tea-flavored cookies and lemon filling.

5. Uncrustable sandwiches full of BBQ pulled pork.

6. An fully milk-proof, edible cereal bowl. Like a bread bowl, but made out of compressed cereal, sort of like an ice cream cone.

7. Peelable bacon Twizzlers:

Multistrand construction! Nathan W. Pyle / BuzzFeed

8. A bag of little churros that you can microwave and they get fluffy and hot.

9. Snack packs of just the crumbs from Entenmann’s crumb doughnuts.

10. Dunkaroos but with tiny pierogies instead of cookies and sour cream instead of frosting.

11. Apples that grow in wedges so you don’t have to slice them:

Nathan W. Pyle / Via

12. Tiny bite-size snackin’ bagels that come in bags and stay perfectly chewy forever.

13. Single-serve squeezable nacho cheese in Go-Gurt-style pouches that you can heat up in the microwave whenever you want.

14. Bubble wrap that’s made out candy (but still works as bubble wrap):

Ideal for shipping fancy fruits and other delicate food. Nathan W. Pyle / Via

15. Extra-crackly Rice Krispies Treats full of Pop Rocks.

16. A cake-flavored white chocolate bar with funfetti sprinkles in it.

17. Tortilla chip Gushers full of guacamole that magically never get soggy:

Nathan W. Pyle / Via

18. Edible tape you can use to keep your burrito fastened.

19. A little bag of Fun Dip that’s just the cheese powder from Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

20. Nutella rolls, shaped like pizza rolls, but made out of pie dough and full of Nutella:

Get ON this, Totino’s. Nathan W. Pyle / Via

21. Lucky Charms marshmallows (JUST the marshmallows), covered in chocolate.

22. A necklace made out of woven string cheese that you can peel cheese off of throughout the day.

23. Fully knittable cotton candy yarn in lots of colors and flavors:

Give your friends the gift of edible socks! Nathan W. Pyle / Via

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