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    29 Signs You're Really Not A Cat Person

    I cat even with you.

    1. Whatever's going on here, you want it to stop:


    2. Your first instinct is to report this cat to HR:

    NO ONE wants to see that, buddy.

    3. You carry at least one lint roller with you at ALL times.

    Adam Ellis / Via

    4. Looking at this gives you a deep, sadistic thrill:

    5. You're tempted to let this problem sort itself out:

    6. Same here:

    7. This fills your heart with unadulterated rage:

    8. As does this:

    9. You just screamed aloud when you saw this:

    10. You've had nightmares about this happening:

    11. You really want to give this dog a high five:

    12. And award each of these puppies their own individual puppy medal:

    13. You feel that this cat has been appropriately disciplined:

    14. Needs more shaming, if anything.

    15. You have no idea what this jerk cat's problem is:

    16. This makes you chuckle:

    17. And this makes you straight-up LOL:

    18. You look at this and instinctively nod:

    Like, yes, that's where a cat belongs.

    19. You could watch this on loop for hours:

    20. Same goes for this:

    21. Okay, ONE more:


    22. You're pretty sure this cat is just trying to get attention:

    23. You've got a secret stash of toilet paper tubes for just this purpose:

    24. You'd briefly consider closing this right up again:

    25. This seems like a marked improvement to you:

    26. Just looking at this cat is making your throat close up:

    27. This is, like, barely even cute to you:

    28. This boop makes you feel nothing:

    29. Ugh, whatever, ALMOST nothing.

    Just because you're cute doesn't mean I'm not Team Dog.

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