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    33 Amazing Plates Of Food

    How can you just sit there chewing, content with your sad, conformist sandwich? You could be turning your food into ART.

    Part 1: Adorable Animals

    1. Fruit Lion

    Follow @idafrosk on Instagram for more delightful plate art every day.

    2. Teddy Bear Toast

    3. Grape Balloon Dog

    Brock Davis is a genius. His stuff usually isn't on a plate, BUT that doesn't make it any less delightful.

    4. Porky Pig

    Flickr: uheartme

    The Mensa Battle is an awesome project that challenges people all over the world to create art out of their lunches. You can check out more photos on Flickr and Facebook.

    5. Friendly Doggy Breakfast

    Looks like cottage cheese and oat bars?

    6. Magnum Bar Polar Bears

    Malaysian artist "Red" Hong Yi spent a month making amazing artwork out of food. Check out more of her work here

    7. Foxy Scone

    So terribly British.

    8. Sleeping Bear With Egg Blanket

    Good night, sleep tight, don't let the humans bite.

    9. Eggshell Chickens

    Hahahaha GET IT?

    10. Pear Penguin

    Oh gosh, that little tummy.

    11. Teddy Bear Dinner

    Samantha Lee updates her Instagram daily with adorable foodscapes.

    12. Cucumber Orca Whale

    Flickr: laserbread

    Ok again not on a plate but whatever.

    Part 2: Clever Cultural References

    13. Meatloaf Totoro


    14. Hamburger E.T.

    E.T. phone tater tot!

    15. Space Invaders Gnocchi

    I can beat this game, no problem.

    16. Italian-Style Spongebob And Patrick

    17. Oscar The Grouch Salad

    Good way to express your feelings about having salad for lunch.

    18. Easter Island Egg Statues

    Hey guys, sup, how's it going?

    19. Cheesy Pikachu

    20. Angry Bird Snacks

    21. Frida Kahlo Toast

    Part of Ida Skivenes's awesome "Art Toast Project" series.

    22. Monet Toast

    A+ use of color.

    23. Van Gogh Toast

    The sunflowers are made with dried apricots and raisins.

    24. Van Gogh Patty

    Flickr: uheartme


    25. Illuminati Lunch

    Flickr: uheartme

    That olive eye can give a grown man nightmares.

    Part 3: Other Whimsical Things

    26. Tropical Blue Cheese Island

    If you HAVE to be stranded on an island, an island made out of cheese seems like a pretty good deal.

    27. Hot Pepper Chopper

    Follow Dan Cretu on Tumblr for more nifty little sculptures.

    28. Citrus Camera

    29. Jelly Bean Balloons

    30. Carrots Ampersand

    Check out more of Emily Briscoe's "This Ampersand That" series here.

    31. Oatmeal Garden

    32. Spaceship Sandwich

    33. Diet-Conscious Ice Cream Cone

    Maybe you can trick your stomach into thinking it's real?