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39 Delicious Things To Do With Rosemary

Fresh herbs are too good (and too pricey) to waste leftovers. Put that bundle to work!

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You know how you buy a little bunch of rosemary to use in ONE recipe and then it languishes in your fridge for days, and then weeks, and then it turns brown, and then it turns black, and then it starts sobbing quietly to itself at night and you have to throw it out?

NEVER AGAIN. Whenever you've got a rosemary surplus on your hands, just turn to one of these recipes to get it out of your crisper drawer and into your stomach ASAP.


29. Rosemary and butter get along well in lots of pastries, like this tart crust.

Plums shown here, but you could try this crust with lots other fruit fillings, too — peaches or pears would be great. Recipe here.


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