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    39 Delicious Things To Do With Rosemary

    Fresh herbs are too good (and too pricey) to waste leftovers. Put that bundle to work!

    You know how you buy a little bunch of rosemary to use in ONE recipe and then it languishes in your fridge for days, and then weeks, and then it turns brown, and then it turns black, and then it starts sobbing quietly to itself at night and you have to throw it out?

    NEVER AGAIN. Whenever you've got a rosemary surplus on your hands, just turn to one of these recipes to get it out of your crisper drawer and into your stomach ASAP.

    1. Use extra rosemary sprigs to make flavored olive oil.

    Great for dressings, drizzlings, and gifting. Instructions here.

    2. Mix it into softened butter and spread on your dinner bread.

    Lucky bread. This recipe for DIY butter from scratch (it's actually not that hard?) suggests adding rosemary, garlic, and pepper flakes.

    3. Or mix it with Greek yogurt for a creamy sandwich spread.

    Better for you and more interesting than mayo. Recipe here.

    4. Add it to the marinade when you cook chicken.

    Oven-frying is a non-splattery way to get delicious crispy chicken. Get this recipe here.

    5. Maybe with a little sriracha, too?

    6. Rosemary also knows how to get down with a good steak.

    7. It does great things for most roasted veggies.

    8. (Or fruits!)

    If you have peaches that aren't quite perfectly ripe and juicy, a little spin in the oven with rosemary and brown sugar is a great way to spruce them up. Recipe here.

    9. Try it on cauliflower.

    10. Or potatoes. Potatoes love rosemary.

    11. They love it with all their hearts and crevices.

    12. Especially in a threesome with kale.

    13. It's an excellent, sturdy herb for encrusting, either on vegetables...

    14. ...or on top of a piece of fish.

    15. Rosemary twigs are generally superior to toothpicks, and should be applied in similar roles where possible.

    16. Same goes for skewers.

    17. Rosemary is on BFF terms with cheese in basically any format.

    18. As demonstrated in these Parmesan cheese straws.

    19. And this goat cheese mac 'n' cheese.

    We're usually all for classic mac, but a twist every now and then can help keep the romance alive. Recipe here.

    20. And these parm and prosciutto (!) crackers.

    Recipe here .

    21. And this figgy ricotta sandwich.

    Toast bread, spread ricotta, drizzle honey, sprinkle rosemary, arrange fig slices. A+, good job.

    22. Try throwing rosemary into almost any soup/stew/thing you eat for dinner.

    23. It can make chickpeas and elbows taste downright exotic.

    24. And make whatever's-in-the-pantry pasta seem totally planned out.

    Crispy breadcrumbs are a pasta's best friend. Recipe here.

    25. It's an herb that will play nice in lots of baked goods, both savory...

    26. ...and sweet.

    27. It even knows how to behave itself at breakfast.

    28. Or afternoon tea.

    29. Rosemary and butter get along well in lots of pastries, like this tart crust.

    Plums shown here, but you could try this crust with lots other fruit fillings, too — peaches or pears would be great. Recipe here.

    30. It's super easy to throw some in when you mix a crisp or crumble topping.

    This apple-cranberry crisp is gluten-free, but feel free to use all-purpose flour if you prefer.

    31. Add it to basically any lemon dessert and wow people with your herbal innovation.

    Just chop up a little rosemary and add when you add the lemon zest. Recipe for these lemon bars here.

    32. You can even use rosemary as an ice cream mix-in.

    33. Or infuse gelato with it from the ground up.

    Greek yogurt makes this tangy and creamy and (slightly) better for you than regular ice cream. Recipe here.

    34. You can infuse simple syrup with rosemary and add it to all kinds of drinks.

    35. Such as rosemary lemonade...

    36. ...a boozy rosemary-lemon sparkler...

    With Prosecco AND vodka, because that's how rosemary rolls. Recipe here.

    37. ...or this grapefruit and gin number.

    All of my great loves, together in one glass. Recipe here.

    38. Next level: Use rosemary syrup to step up your popsicle game.

    39. If you prefer to skip the syrup and do a straight-up muddle, try the Rosemary No. 3.

    AKA blood orange Negroni, YUM. Recipe here.

    Bonus option: Skip your mouth and just rub the stuff all over your hands/face.

    Get instructions for making for this highly giftable (and very good-smelling) scrub here.