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24 Delicious DIY Cures For A Cold Or Flu

Whether any homemade cold remedies actually work is up for debate, but these will definitely make you less miserable. Also great for bringing to sick friends (they'll love you forever).

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This is the classic combo for a reason; even if it doesn't cure you, it will make your mouth happy. Instructions here.


Creamy, delicious, and vegan for good measure. Hopefully people who don't have the flu are allowed to drink this too. Recipe here.

Smitten Kitchen's recipe is super basic but tastes exactly the way you want it to (i.e., way, way better than what comes out of a can).


Some people swear by cider vinegar to cure every ailment known to man — so it can't hurt to try it, right? Get the recipe here.

Word is that sage can help fight bacteria and soothe throat inflammation. Just pour boiling water over fresh (2 Tbsp) or dried (1 Tbsp) sage (and add lemon or honey if that's your jam).


Soba noodles and tofu are the ideal solution for vegans in need of a cozy noodle soup. Get the recipe here.

Mix cider vinegar, honey, cayenne, and ginger into a cough syrup that's guaranteed to taste way better than Dimetapp, even if it's not a fun purple color. Recipe here.


This pretty recipe is raw and vegan, so it must be extra good for you. It's pretty involved, though, so you might want to guilt a healthy friend into making it for you.

This recipe kicks up your basic lemon/honey deal with cayenne pepper, cloves, and cinnamon. Fight sinus congestion with FIRE.


You can make this gingery Asian-inspired soup any time and freeze it. Then, even in the depths of a flu, you'll be able to reheat and eat. Use store-bought wontons if you're not up to all that filling, folding, and frying. Or just, you know, order wonton soup on Seamless...

This recipe includes immune-boosting echinacea, so it's worth drinking even if you're not sick yet. Which you might do, since it actually tastes good.


Kimchi is a magical food that's definitely good for you, and rice is great if you're not up to eating anything too crazy. Recipe here.

Mix sliced fresh ginger, lemon juice, Sriracha, and hot water to make a savory hot broth that'll pep you right up.


The soup equivalent of your mom giving you a hug. Instructions and recipe here.

There's no sweetener in this spicy traditional Indian remedy, but feel free to add a little honey if it's too medicinal for you. Recipe here.


Super simple — just peel, slice, and steep fresh ginger in hot water. Ginger can help loosen up gross phlegm and clear congestion. Instructions here.

Between the garlic and the sage and the chicken broth and the egg yolks and the cheese, SOMETHING in there is gonna work. Recipe here.


From now on I'm just going to make a batch of these cookies every time I start to feel under the weather and then eat them all immediately, "for my health." All that yogurt, ginger, lemon, cinnamon, and cranberries mean at least they can't be too bad for you.

YUM, sinus-clearing power! Recipe here.


Use these instructions for making infused citrus and herb honey syrups that you can add to any hot drink for instant cold-curing power. Makes a great gift for sickies you know.

Sounds insane, tastes awesome. Plus, garlic is multifunctional — it protects you from colds AND vampires! Get the recipe here.


This has everything you want from a flu buster, in refreshingly frosty dessert form (perfect if you have a fever!): orange, honey, ginger, cayenne, and most importantly...BOURBON. Get the recipe here.

Hello, soup! You are so colorful and easy to make! You make me feel strong and powerful and immune to all illness! Let's be friends! Get the recipe here.

When you're on the mend and ready to embrace your old friend Booze again, this fizzy winter cocktail will be waiting for you. Like Emergen-C that gets you drunk! Get the recipe here.