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27 Clever Ways To Use Everyday Stuff In The Kitchen

All the boring old junk you've got lying around the house secretly yearns to be where the food is.

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5. Keep painter's tape and a Sharpie around so you can label everything.

Never again will you spend five minutes suspiciously sniffing something because you can't remember if you put it in the fridge three days ago or three weeks ago.


15. Refill empty baking powder containers with other ingredients so you can easily level spoonfuls.

Try it with baking soda, sugar, or salt — just make sure you label the outside so you know what's in it. Why should baking powder have all the fun?


16. You can also add a strip of masking tape to any jar to make measuring easy.

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Put a shorter piece of tape (adhesive side in) under the long piece so just the ends that attach to the jar are sticky.


23. Turn a pill case into a handy travel spice kit.

Great for when you're renting a place with a kitchen but don't want to have to go out and spend tons of money grocery shopping for stuff you'll only use a little of.