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27 Clever New Ways To Use Your Kitchen Appliances

You can definitely teach an old gadget new tricks.

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22. A bundt pan doubles as a handy chicken roasting rack.|Vm2fzkVczngJkZO599v5yA

With plenty of room for veggies to soak up all the yummy chicken juices. Get instructions and a recipe here.

NOTE: Just don't try this with a non-stick pan, since the high roasting temps could ruin its non-stickness.


24. You can actually cook food in your dishwasher while it's running.

It works for things that want to be cooked at low temps — say, poached pears. Just make sure to keep things in tightly sealed, heat-proof containers (canning jars are perfect), especially if you're running it with soap! Get more info here.

26. Use a pizza wheel to chop delicate fresh herbs.

Just roll it back and forth over the herbs; it's faster and less bruising than a regular knife. Pizza wheels are also very useful for cutting out strips to make a lattice-top pie, or basically any other rolled-out dough situation.

27. The freezer bowl of an ice cream maker is great for quickly chilling wine or drinks for a party.

Take the bowl out of the freezer, fill it with water, put the bottle(s) in, and it'll cool that booze right down. This also works without water to keep chilled wine cold; just make sure to wrap the bottle in a kitchen towel or stick a soft ice pack in with it to keep it from banging around too much and damaging the bowl.

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