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Updated on Jan 16, 2019. Posted on May 2, 2015

13 Helpful Diagrams For People Who Only Care About Cheese

Knowledge is power: the power to eat more cheese.

1. For impressing your dinner guests with a perfect pairing:

2. For knowing more types of cheese than anyone else:

You can zoom in to see more of the chart and get a poster of it here.

3. For supporting your cheese plate habit on a budget:

Get more info on each kind of cheese here.

4. For slicing every cheese like a pro: / Via

This handy chart was scanned from Martha Stewart Living; you can bookmark the slideshow version here.

5. For an excuse to drink beer with your cheese:

Red Envelope /

Power couple.

6. For when you want to buy nice cheese and not embarrass yourself:

Lucy Knisley /

So many types! So many terms! This page from the lovely book Relish will help.

7. For helping your cheese be its most delicious self:

Plastic wrap is the mortal enemy of cheese. Let it breathe!

8. For whipping up a pan of fancy mac 'n' cheese like it's no big deal:

Jess Kapadia & Mike Houston /

9. For knowing exactly what is cheese and what isn't:

Rachel Glaves /

Looking at you, ricotta.

10. For picking just the right wine to go with your cheese:

Because (obviously) the cheese comes first.

11. For nerding out with your cheese friends:

bogdanrauta /

12. For choosing the right tool:

13. For achieving maximum melty, gooey goodness: