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    19 Celebrities With Inexplicable Food And Booze Brands

    Sometimes famous people feel compelled to put their faces on things that we eat and drink. We may never be sure why.

    1. Katy Perry now has a personal flavor of Popchips.

    Getty Images /

    Why are they called kettle corn if they're chips? Inquiring minds want to know.

    2. Maria Sharapova sells her own line of candy, Sugarpova.

    She actually founded an entire company to have FULL CREATIVE CONTROL over said candy. The tennis gumballs are legit delightful.

    3. Adrian Grenier helped launch Churchkey beer. / Via

    Judging from this video, the beer tastes like Instagram filters.

    4. Grace Potter designed a Kind Bar "snack pack."

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    "The Grace Potter Backstage Snack Pack was designed by Grace to remind people that eating well and doing good are key aspects of being a true 'rock star.'"

    5. Dan Aykroyd founded Crystal Head Vodka.

    Michael Loccisano / Getty Images

    From the website: "Dan Aykroyd is a well-known actor, musician, entrepreneur and spiritualist; a believer in what he calls the 'invisible world' where otherworldly presences are a 'form of reality as valid as our normal reality.'"

    6. Nick Loeb (Sofia Vergara's boyfriend) is responsible for Onion Crunch.

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    “'I wanted to go to a hot dog stand and have crispy onions. That’s all I wanted,' Loeb, who is involved in the flavor development of Onion Crunch, said of his crispy onion dream."

    7. Heidi Klum got behind these "Fruit Flirtations" gummies.

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    8. Joe Perry is ready to rock your world with his Bone Yard Brew hot sauce. / Via

    Sorry, meant to say "spicy table sauce."

    9. This is Ludacris. This is his cognac. It is called "Conjure." That is all.

    10. Not for humans, but: Rachael Ray has a line of dog food.

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    That dog is the saddest dog on earth.

    11. Nelly brought us an energy drink called...Pimp Juice.

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    Alas, it is now only available in Australia.

    12. Marilyn Manson has his own label of Absinthe, called Mansinthe. / Via

    It doesn't NOT make sense.

    13. Dale Earnhardt, Jr. put his face on a candy bar called Big Mo.

    Does it taste like speed? Has it been sighted in the wild since 2008? We may NEVER KNOW.

    14. Danny DeVito, a few years back, sold his own limoncello.

    Which now seems to be defunct. That's sad, because the label on the bottle was SCRATCH 'N SNIFF!

    15. 50 Cent invested in a very special Formula 50 flavor of Vitamin Water.

    16. Bethenny Frankel continues to unleash Skinnygirl bottled cocktails on the world.

    "You know what you want out of life, ladies – we’re just here to show you how to get it." (PSA: These dranks are NASTY.)

    17. The rapper Yung Joc put his face on these Honey Dew Cheese Curls.

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    Reading is fundamental, kids!

    18. The Kardashians have something to do with this FAST-SHAKE weight loss beverage thing.

    How HOT can YOU be?

    19. And, of course, Mr. T had a breakfast cereal once upon a time. / Via

    RIP, Mr. T cereal.