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    "The Bachelorette" Has Absolutely No Idea What A Meme Is

    Awww, you guys!

    So, you're probably at least passingly familiar with the TV show The Bachelorette.

    That one with the roses and the people pretending to be engaged for two months before they break up?

    But unless you're an experienced, regular visitor to ABC's Bachelorette website, you might have missed this very special section of the nav bar.

    Can't quite see it, zoom in, please...

    Oh, MEMES! Of course!

    Ooh, look at all these cool memes! Can't wait to click on one...

    hash tag worst date ever

    Oh, huh, that's weird, I thought...

    Are you sure this is a meme?

    I mean, like, I guess you guys know your stuff, but...

    ...these look kind of like quotes super-imposed on completely unrelated images?

    OH, WAIT, unless this is some kind of winky, meta joke about the [lack of] meaning in memes and the futile business of defining them?

    Yeah, that must be it.

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