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    27 Reasons Arya Stark Is The Baddest Bitch In Westeros

    A girl rules. Spoilers ahead!

    1. She's really not interested in how you think she should act.

    2. Or anyone else's plans for her.

    3. She's not even a little bit shy.

    4. The only talk she talks is real talk.

    5. She'll tell you EXACTLY what she thinks of you.

    6. She gives grade-A side-eye.

    7. She named her direwolf Nymeria after a famous warrior queen.

    8. Then she trained Nymeria very, very well.

    9. She has a very sharp sword.

    10. And she knows how to use it.

    11. With sweet moves.

    12. She's got a cool, scary friend who kills people for her.

    13. She also keeps a list of people she wants to kill herself.

    14. And when she finds a dude who's on it, she doesn't hesitate to straight-up stab him in the heart.

    15. She knows her dragons.

    Well-read in badassery.

    16. Her catchphrase is dark as hell.

    17. It literally means "all men must die."

    18. She caught onto Joffrey's abject shittiness as a human about two years before anyone else.

    19. She's got great aim with a spoon.

    20. And even better aim with a bow and arrow.

    21. You'll know if she doesn't like you because she'll spend every meal pretending to stab you repeatedly.

    22. She's got very specific plans for the future.

    23. Tywin Lannister doesn't even faze her.

    24. This was her reaction when she found out her aunt died:

    lol, amirite?

    25. Most importantly, she knows exactly who she is.

    26. She doesn't depend on anyone but herself.

    27. And she's not afraid of anyone or anything.