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17 Doughnut Recipes That Should Probably Be Illegal

Doughin' up to the spirit in the sky.

Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

1. This doughnut that buried itself inside ANOTHER doughnut to make a doughnut turducken:

Chris Rochelle /

The people at CHOW went and put an apple fritter inside a custard-filled doughnut, glazed it with chocolate, and covered it in sprinkles. We're not saying you should do it too, but we're not NOT saying it.

2. These doughnuts that refused to let graham crackers freeze them out of their dream job as a s'mores platform:

3. This doughnut that wasn't going to let anything stand between it and cheese:

Sarah J. Gim /

4. The brave glazed doughnuts that gave their lives to make this bread pudding:

5. These doughnuts that ascended to a higher plane of milkshake existence:

6. The doughnut that committed itself fully to this breakfast sandwich:

Brandy O'Neill /

Go ahead, make Paula proud. Get the recipe.

7. This doughnut that dreamed of becoming French toast, and made its dream a reality:

8. These doughnut holes that banded together to achieve their goals:

Zac Wolf /

Get the recipe: Munchkin Bread Pudding

9. These doughnuts that knew all along they could be waffles, if they just believed:

Amy Erickson /

Get the recipe: Krispy Kreme Waffles

10. The doughnuts that became one with ice cream, booze, and strawberry jam to make this shake:

11. These doughnuts that chose not the path of least resistance, but the path to greatest glory:

Emily Caruso /

12. This doughnut that started from the bottom with a chicken patty, a slice of American cheese, and dream:

This briliance comes from the aptly named Fat Sandwich Company in Champaign, Illinois. Get more intel here.

13. These doughnuts that refused to believe they couldn't be tiramisu:

Heather Scholten /

Get the recipe: Donutmisu

14. These doughnuts that knew, ever since they were little, that a trifle was the place for them:

15. These doughnuts that were always jealous of how much fun nachos were having...until now:

Julianne Bayer /
Julianne Bayer /

Get the recipe: Doughnut Dessert Nachos

16. This doughnut that isn't afraid to get sloppy, when the occasion calls for it:

17. This doughnut that realized it could accomplish more by working with ice cream than it could by competing with it:

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