The Best And Worst Celebrity Wines

    We asked a real wine pro to grade famous people's fancy grape juice. What he thought might surprise you.

    What happens when you round up 15 wines made by celebrities...

    ...and ask one of the country's top sommeliers, Michael Madrigale, to ruthlessly evaluate them?

    ...blind, of course, to prevent any judicial bias.

    BuzzFeed Food decided to find out.

    Several food and celebrity editors joined the taste taste...

    And here are the results, from best to worst.

    Most Likely to Actually Be in Your Life: Francis Ford Coppola's Merlot

    Looks the Least Like It's Made by a Porn Star: Natalie "Savanna Samson" Oliveros's Brunello Di Montalcino

    Best Dad Birthday Gift: Sting's "Sister Moon" Red Blend

    Least-Surprisingly Decent: Mario Batali's "I Perazzi" Red Blend

    Darkest Horse: Jeff Gordon's Chardonnay

    Most Likely to Delight Your Grandmother: Dave Matthews' "Everyday" White Blend

    Most Disappointing Wine Made by Agent Cooper: Kyle MacLachlan's Cabernet Sauvignon

    Hardest Rocking Sauvignon Blanc: ACDC's "Hell's Bells" Sauvignon Blanc

    Biggest Booty: Fergie's "Fergalicious" Red Blend

    Best Soft Drink Alternative: Wayne Gretzky's Cabernet Sauvignon

    Most Likely to End Up in Spaghetti Sauce: Antonio Banderas's Ribera Del Duero

    Most Like Drinking Canned Pear Syrup: Emilio Estevez's Viognier

    Best Option for #Teen Drinkers: Drew Barrymore's Pinot Grigio

    Best for People Who Are Already Drunk: ACDC's "Back In Black" Shiraz

    Most Flatulent: Brad and Angelina's (Winery's) "Clara Lua" White Blend

    You Guys, It's Made by TRAIN: Train's "Calling All Angels" Chardonnay

    Graphics by John Gara.