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The 22 All-Time Hottest Hunks Of PBS

Don't you ever try to tell me public television isn't sexy.

22. Norm Abram

JOB DESCRIPTION: Master carpenter on This Old House and The New Yankee Workshop.

HUNKIEST ATTRIBUTES: Handy with tools (IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN), has an eye for design, cool specs.

HUNKITUDE RATING: 6/10. Sure, he's got a '70s dad vibe going on, but that's what flies on the Brooklyn–Portland circuit these days.

21. Ian Richardson

JOB DESCRIPTION: Starred in the original BBC House of Cards, which aired on PBS in 1991.

HUNKIEST ATTRIBUTES: Vague air of menace, patrician features.

HUNKITUDE RATING: 6/10. Would pick over Kevin Spacey, no lie.

20. Tavis Smiley

JOB DESCRIPTION: Hosts his own daily talk show.

HUNKIEST ATTRIBUTES: Highly principled, has a cool name.

HUNKITUDE RATING: 6/10. Points subtracted because he always looks mad about something.

19. Kenneth Branagh

JOB DESCRIPTION: Plays gruff-sad Swedish Detective Wallander in a BBC series on Masterpiece Mystery.

HUNKIEST ATTRIBUTES: Good stubble, comfortable with introspection, appreciates Shakespeare.

HUNKITUDE RATING: 6/10. Gives off vibes of being secretly pretty fun.

18. Shaun Evans

JOB DESCRIPTION: Plays young Inspector Morse in the mystery series Endeavour.

HUNKIEST ATTRIBUTES: Broods attractively, good hair.

HUNKITUDE RATING: 7/10. Relatively unknown stateside and thus undervalued stock. Now's the time to get on board, ladies.

17. Nathaniel Parker

JOB DESCRIPTION: Played the oh-so uppercrusty Inspector Lynley.

HUNKIEST ATTRIBUTES: Strong brows, firm jaw, an aura of unwavering commitment.

HUNKITUDE RATING: 7/10. Your classic, gracefully aging British hottie.

16. Bill Nye

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HUNKIEST ATTRIBUTES: Super-smart (but not in, like, an elitist way), wants to save the world, smooth moves (see above).

HUNKITUDE RATING: 7/10. Points subtracted because it's sort of like crushing on your seventh-grade chemistry teacher.

15. Charlie Rose

JOB DESCRIPTION: Interviewin' people.

HUNKIEST ATTRIBUTES: Good chin cleft, not afraid to ask the tough questions.

HUNKITUDE RATING: 7/10. Even now, when the spotlights hit his comb-over just right and he gets that sassy glint in his eye, Charlie's STILL GOT IT.

14. Jason Isaacs

JOB DESCRIPTION: Plays Detective Jackson Brodie on the mystery series Case Histories.

HUNKIEST ATTRIBUTES: Cute little sticky-outy ears, piercing gaze.

HUNKITUDE RATING: 8/10. Takes a true hunk to be totally likable despite playing Lucius Malfoy.

13. LeVar Burton

JOB DESCRIPTION: Host of Reading Rainbow.

HUNKIEST ATTRIBUTES: Loves books, good with kids, great smile.

HUNKITUDE RATING: 8/10. Don't deny you watched Reading Rainbow for a FEW MORE YEARS than was strictly necessary.

12. Damian Lewis

JOB DESCRIPTION: Before there was Agent Brody, there was the uber-creep Soames Forsyte on The Forsyte Saga.

HUNKIEST ATTRIBUTES: Excellent red hair, truly piercing eyes, walks the fine line between tough guy and sensitive mess.

HUNKITUDE RATING: 8/10. Has only improved in hotness since his costume drama days, which bodes well for the future.

11. Shelby Foote

JOB DESCRIPTION: A historian featured in Ken Burns' The Civil War.

HUNKIEST ATTRIBUTES: Silver fox, Southern drawl, comprehensive and subtle understanding of American history.

HUNKITUDE RATING: 8/10. (RIP, but still.)

10. Alan Cumming

JOB DESCRIPTION: Host of Masterpiece Mystery.

HUNKIEST ATTRIBUTES: Devilish grin, Scottish accent, double stage-and-screen acting threat.

HUNKITUDE RATING: 8/10. NB, he's out and proud!

9. Dan Stevens

JOB DESCRIPTION: The artist formerly known as Cousin Matthew on Downton Abbey.

HUNKIEST ATTRIBUTES: Cute floppy hair, posh accent, indie-lit cred.

HUNKITUDE RATING: 8/10. Should probably stay blonde, though.

8. Eddie Redmayne

JOB DESCRIPTION: Played a tragically soulful WWI soldier in the miniseries Birdsong.

HUNKIEST ATTRIBUTES: Freckles, eyes, hair, voice of an angel.

HUNKITUDE RATING: 9/10. Possible that his gingery hair color is actually caused by spillover/excess face hotness.

7. George Rainsford

JOB DESCRIPTION: Plays the tragically friend-zoned Jimmy on Call the Midwife.

HUNKIEST ATTRIBUTES: Beautiful hair, good intentions, rocks a tweed.

HUNKITUDE RATING: 9/10. Related: Are you watching Call the Midwife? Oh my god, watch it.

6. Fred Rogers


JOB DESCRIPTION: Delighting children for 33 years.

HUNKIEST ATTRIBUTES: Generosity, nice sweaters, positive attitude, great hair.

HUNKITUDE RATING: 9/10. Don't even front like you wouldn't hit that.

5. Benedict Cumberbatch

JOB DESCRIPTION: Do I really have to tell you this? SHERLOCK.

HUNKIEST ATTRIBUTES: Artistic talent, weird hotness (which is hotter than normal hotness), charming embarrassment over fandom built on aforementioned weird hotness.


4. Allen Leech

JOB DESCRIPTION: Plays tragically now-single DILF/former chauffeur Branson on Downton Abbey.

HUNKIEST ATTRIBUTES: Brilliant Irish accent (which, fun fact, was actually the reason Julian Fellowes made his character Irish), most adorable grin ever.

HUNKITUDE RATING: 9/10. Firmly believe that Branson has always been hunkier than Cousin Matthew (although the combo of both together is the hunkiest of all).

3. Sir David Attenborough

JOB DESCRIPTION: Exploring the wonders of the natural world, basically forever, most recently in a miniseries on Nature.

HUNKIEST ATTRIBUTES: Love for animals, scientific know-how, foxy British accent.

HUNKITUDE RATING: 10/10, in his prime.

2. Jeremy Irons + Anthony Andrews

JOB DESCRIPTION: Made their names in the original Brideshead Revisited, which aired on PBS in 1982.

HUNKIEST ATTRIBUTES: I mean, can we just keep looking at the photo?

HUNKITUDE RATING: 10/10. Package deal takes it to another order of hotness magnititude.

1. Laurence Fox

JOB DESCRIPTION: Plays Sergeant Hathaway on the mystery series Inspector Lewis.

HUNKIEST ATTRIBUTES: Ruggedly handsome features, soulful affect, looks sharp in a suit.

HUNKITUDE RATING: 10/10. Feel with 100% certainty that if Sergeant Hathaway were real, I would be married to him.