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21 T-Shirts That Perfectly Express How You Feel About Alcohol

Booze, I think I love you.

1. There are a lot of good reasons to drink.

2. Like the way alcohol turns literally every experience into a glorious adventure.

3. And the fact that it could be dangerous NOT to.

4. There's no excuse for dad jokes when you're sober, but when you're drinking? DIFFERENT STORY.

5. Same applies to nerd jokes.

6. Just remember: Everything in moderation.

7. And don't be an idiot.

8. Not every time is the right time to enjoy alcoholic beverages.

9. But honestly, most times are.

10. Food is cool or whatever...

11. ...but it's no alcohol.

12. Which is the drink for you? Only your heart knows the answer to that.

13. Beer might be the best friend you've ever had.

14. Or perhaps you're a fan of the clearer spirits.

15. Gin is magical too, just like you.

16. And wine is for people who succeed in life.

17. Bottom line, though, all kinds of alcohol can help you express important things.

18. Things you might otherwise be too timid to say.

19. Because hashing out all your feels with a real live human can be challenging.

20. That's what liquor is for.

21. So go on, get out there and speak your truth.