6 Things That Are Always In Taylor Swift’s Fridge

And why, in the lady’s own words.

Mike Coppola / Getty Images

At last, an answer to the question that’s haunted our waking hours for so long: What, exactly, is in Taylor Swift’s fridge?

This knowledge has been brought into the world thanks to a magical interview by Bon Appétit’s Mickey Rapkin. If you love life, read the whole thing. FYI, winter is her favorite season because “everyone is feeling everything so intensely.”

1. Eggs

“I love making buckwheat crepes with ham, Parmesan cheese, and a fried egg on top. It’s my go-to breakfast.” —Taylor “Buckwheat” Swift

2. Sliced Ham or Chicken

“I like to always have the option to make someone a sandwich.” —Taylor “Breadmaster Flex” Swift

3. Orange Juice

“I drink it with breakfast every morning.” —Taylor “Tropicana” Swift

4. Diet Coke

“Because it understands me.” —Taylor “Bubbles” Swift

5. Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese

Ms. Swift declined to comment.

6. “Some Sort of Binge Food”

“Like a tube of cinnamon rolls or a giant tub of cookie dough. Because I’m that girl.” —Taylor “Feelings” Swift

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