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    21 Delicious Things To Do With Pumpkin Seeds

    There's edible gold in them thar gourds.

    1. Sprinkle them on your soup...

    2. ...or your salad.

    3. Imprison them in candy.

    4. Throw them into a batch of granola.

    5. Add crunch to a quinoa salad.

    6. Bedazzle a wheel of cheese with them.

    7. Tuck them into muffins.

    8. Whip up a creamy nut butter.

    9. Bake a batch of cookies.

    Recipe: Pumpkin Seed & Chocolate Cookies (scroll down for English instructions)

    10. Make a healthy breakfast hash.

    11. Turn them into adorable "energy bites."

    12. Toss a few into your random lunch thing.

    13. Dress up a loaf of nut bread.

    14. Serve a classy vegetarian paté.

    15. Try these sweet little no-bake fig cakes.

    16. Add pumpkiny goodness to trail mix.

    Reeses Pieces mandatory.

    Recipe: Fall Snack Mix

    17. Make a veggie burger that actually tastes good.

    18. Liberate your pesto from boring old nuts.

    19. Add crunch to your breakfast.

    20. Decorate a lovely pumpkin cake.

    21. Make your own.

    1. Scoop the seeds out of your jack-o-lantern, wash off gunk, spread out on a towel to dry for a while.

    2. Toss on a baking sheet with a little oil and whatever spicy or sweet or other stuff you're into (don't forget plenty of salt).

    3. Bake at 350 for 15-20 minutes or until they get crispy. Stir the seeds every 10 minutes and check to make sure they're not burning towards the end of baking.

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