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17 Important Things To Do With Thanksgiving Leftovers

Black Friday can suck it. Hereby and henceforth proclaiming this day Leftover Friday.

1. Make a sandwich (ASAP).

2. Mix a cranberry sauce cocktail to go with it.

3. Okay, now make another sandwich.

4. A few cranberry orange muffins make a great Leftover Friday (or Still Eating Leftovers Saturday) breakfast.

5. So does this spicy hash made with turkey, potato, and Brussels sprouts.

6. So do pumpkin pancakes.

7. Next, start a big pot of soup to have for lunch.

8. You'd better grill a few sandwiches to go with it, obviously.

9. And/or bake these leftover-sweet potato biscuits.

10. Turkey pot pie could also be a really good move.

11. Or you could have this turkey club salad if you're feeling a little guilty.

12. Don't forget to continue making and eating sandwiches throughout the day.

13. Experimental sandwiches are encouraged, like banh mi.

14. Or pulled turkey with cranberry BBQ sauce.

15. When you're finally nearing sandwich saturation point, this turkey & mushroom risotto makes a lovely dinner.

16. Turkey shepherd's pie could be nice, too.

17. But whatever else happens, make sure you save enough turkey for One Last Sandwich.

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