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    16 Foods That Really Don't Need Foie Gras

    Why do people assume that a hunk of goose liver improves already delicious things? Foie gras should mind its own business.

    1. Doughnuts

    I'm gonna go sign this petition right now.

    2. Oatmeal

    Ugh, leave my breakfast alone, M. Wells.

    3. Burgers

    This burger is, like, not a thing you could actually put into your mouth.

    4. Crème Brûlée

    It looks like a dead slug. :(

    5. Hot Dogs

    Oscar Mayer would roll over in his wienermobile.

    7. Poutine

    Flickr: 12319981@N02

    It's not like I *wouldn't* eat this (it's from Au Pied de Cochon), but come on. Poutine (that's fries + cheese curds + gravy, for anyone who hasn't caught on yet) can ALREADY KILL YOU, and it doesn't need the help of a huge chunk of liver to kill you even more.

    8. Cheesecake

    Not necessary!

    9. Macarons

    10. Waffles


    11. Ice Cream Sundaes

    Just thinking about this makes me want to cry.

    12. Sushi

    If you would eat something like this, we can't be friends anymore.

    13. Cupcakes

    This might actually be the most obnoxious food in the world.

    14. Pizza

    This is a grievous affront to pizza's inherently humble perfection.

    15. Grilled Cheese

    M. Wells strikes again.

    16. Ice Cream Sandwiches

    Humphy, Humphry, Humphry.