13 Adorable Sweaters For Your Favorite Foods

Bananas taste better cuddled up in knitwear.

1. Apples

Meta. For sale on Etsy.

2. Cookies

Every cookie dreams of wearing its own individual sweater. Crochet pattern for sale here.

3. Bananas

They’ll be cozier with buttons.

4. Frappucinos

Optimized for venti. For sale on Etsy.

5. Pumpkins

For chilly nights out on the patch. Knitting pattern here.

6. Biscuits

So cozy together. Pattern for sale on Etsy.

7. Beer

Keep those cold ones even colder. Pattern here.

8. Pears

With adjustable ties for plus-size pears! Crochet pattern here.

9. Fla-Vor-Ice

Never again suffer from popsicle frostbite. Pattern for sale here.

10. Tomatoes

Go with an elegant rolled collar.

11. Coffee

For sale on Etsy: “Forget those nasty standard paper sleeves.”

12. Eggs

Knit caps are back. For sale on Etsy.

13. Ice Cream

Protect your pint-for-one from the shame of it all. Pattern here.

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