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12 Healthy DIY Travel Snacks To Bring On A Plane

Or in a car, or a wagon train, or whatever conveyance brings you to your holiday gathering.

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5. Avocados + Bread

Avocados are easy to carry around, delicious, and soft enough to spread with whatever flimsy kind of knife/credit card/other weird utensil you can (legally) find on a plane. Very nice on a couple slices of dense rye bread; I'm a big fan of this magical kind that never goes stale.

6. DIY Trail Mix

Trail mix you make at home is always going to be better than the little baggies you can buy at Hudson News, because what you put in it is your business and nobody else's. Like, maybe your personal definition of trail mix just happens to be 50% pretzels and 50% chocolate chips.

7. DIY Beef Jerky

Pretty sure that jerky fueled the expansion of the American West and also the moon landing and every other important journey ever made. When you make your own, it's actually healthy (lots of protein, not much fat). Get a recipe at Clean Eating.


11. Cheese & Crackers

Pack healthy/grainy crackers (you can get a recipe for these Flaxseed & Onion Crackers at Whole Living) with some pieces of hard cheese that will be happy at room temp: cheddar, manchego, gouda, etc. Yeah, Ritz with Kraft Singles doesn't count.

Then Put Everything In A Travel Snacks Kit! / Via

So the above items aren't all healthy. But the idea is great: Turn a tackle/craft box into your own personal wonderland of snacks. This is so thrilling you should probably just make one and carry it around with you at all times.