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Walk The Moon + Genesis - Instruments = A Cappella Dance Party

What happens when you put together a classic Genesis tune and one of 2015's biggest pop anthems from Walk the Moon? This glam mashup!

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California based a cappella group, Scenic Root, released this gloriously fun '80's inspired music video. Cue the strobe lights!!!

Shut Up + Dance Mashup Video from Scenic Root

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Scenic Root / Via

So what exactly makes an authentic, rocking '80's music video? Here is a list of some must haves.

And just in case you haven't gotten this song out of your head yet... Here is Walk the Moon's official music video for Shut Up + Dance! (Sorry, not sorry)

Shut Up + Dance - Walk the Moon

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Walk the Moon / Via

Also, this needs no intro. It's Genesis. If you don't know who they are, educate yourself with this video. It's Phil flipping Collins.

Invisible Touch - Genesis

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Genesis / Via
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