Walk The Moon + Genesis - Instruments = A Cappella Dance Party

What happens when you put together a classic Genesis tune and one of 2015’s biggest pop anthems from Walk the Moon? This glam mashup!

California based a cappella group, Scenic Root, released this gloriously fun ‘80’s inspired music video. Cue the strobe lights!!!

2. Shut Up + Dance Mashup Video from Scenic Root

Scenic Root / Via youtube.com

So what exactly makes an authentic, rocking ‘80’s music video? Here is a list of some must haves.

4. Killer dance moves bathed in neon

Scenic Root, Walk the Moon


5. Strong suit game

Scenic Root, Genesis


6. Attitude face

Scenic Root, Walk the Moon


7. Shenanigans

Scenic Root, Genesis


8. An epic love story

Scenic Root, Walk the Moon


And just in case you haven’t gotten this song out of your head yet… Here is Walk the Moon’s official music video for Shut Up + Dance! (Sorry, not sorry)

10. Shut Up + Dance - Walk the Moon

Walk the Moon / Via youtube.com

Also, this needs no intro. It’s Genesis. If you don’t know who they are, educate yourself with this video. It’s Phil flipping Collins.

12. Invisible Touch - Genesis

Genesis / Via youtube.com

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