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8 Reasons This Cover Of "This Is How We Roll" Abides

If you like "The Big Lebowski", then you'll probably appreciate this awesome music video even more. Country a cappella group, Home Free, took on Florida-Georgia Line's (featuring Luke Bryan) "This is How We Roll" while donning the iconic personalities from the Coen brothers' cult classic. And the result is nothing short of spectacular.

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Here is Home Free's glorious cover of "This Is How We Roll"

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Home Free / Via

1. The references start right from the opening frame

Home Free, The Big Lebowski / Via

Them Vegas-worthy, rotating, neon stars. If you pay close attention, there are quite a few scenes recreated straight from the film's opening credits montage.

4. Adam Rupp as Donny

Home Free, The Big Lebowski / Via

Adam pretty much steals the scene in every single one he's in. Especially with his dazed and confused facial expressions. We find it even funnier that the one guy in the band who doesn't get to speak is playing the guy who refuses to shut-up.

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