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7 Reasons This Cover Of "White Christmas" Will Be Making Your Days Merry And Bright

It's finally December which means for those of you who haven't been rocking out to holiday music since July (no, we're not judging), now is the time to dust off all those Christmas tunes and deck the halls! And what better way to kickoff another holiday season than with the aca-dorable guys from VoicePlay and their new take on the Irving Berlin classic "White Christmas".

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Snuggle up next to a fire with VoicePlay’s playful cover of “White Christmas”.

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Here are just some of our favourite moments from the video.

7. Earl, The Ninja Elf

VoicePlay / Via

Epic giant elf chase and candy cane shurikens, what more could you ask for really?

And just when you think the video is over when it's over, think again. We enjoyed Earl, the Ninja Elf at regular speed, we loved him even more in super slow-mo.

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