15 Reasons This Country-fied Cover Of "All About That Bass" Will Make You Smile

You've probably heard the song and seen the video for Meghan Trainor's "All About That Bass" way too many times already. But you probably haven't heard or seen it done quite like this.

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In case you haven't seen it, country a capella group Home Free did a pretty amazing cover of "All About That Bass."

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Home Free / Via YouTube

The fine gentlemen of the vocal band have taken this pop tune celebrating women of all sizes and put their own country spin on it, while paying homage to Meghan's upbeat and flirty video.

Below are some of the most amazing comparisons from both videos.

9. Bikes and Hobby Horses

Meghan Trainor, Home Free / Via YouTube

It's the coolest way to get around, plus you get a great work out. We're talking about the hobby horses in case you're wondering.

15. Bringing Booty Back

Meghan Trainor, Home Free / Via YouTube

Rather appropriate to end our list with this money shot. The only complaints we've heard were on the length of the jackets ;)

To fully appreciate the cover in all of its glory, be sure to also watch the original version below.

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