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10 Covers We Wish Were On The Radio

For many people, YouTube has now replaced the radio and we are no exception. So here is our list of (underrated) covers that the rest of the world must listen to.

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1. VoicePlay ft. Rachel Potter - Chandelier

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VoicePlay / Via

Sometimes when you strip it down to just voices, a song can feel somewhat empty. Not this cover. Rachel destroys the lead in the best way possible and the fellas of VoicePlay are just at the top of their game.

2. Amy Whitcomb - Dark Side

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Amy Whitcomb / Via

Amy's simple vocal is simply stunning.

3. Street Corner Symphony - Madness

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Street Corner Symphony / Via

These guys have mad vocal skills. Bass, Adam Chance, really shines in this Muse classic.

4. Josh Golden, Alyssa Bernal, & Andy Lange - Treasure

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Josh Golden / Via

This trio slowed down Bruno Mars' funky pop tune and made a real smooth and cool cover.

5. Home Free ft. Peter Hollens - 19 You + Me

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Home Free / Via

The harmonies. We can't say enough about those clear harmonies. And repeat.

6. Max Schneider & Hannah Trigwell - Stay

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Max Schneider / Via

You can just feel the heartbreak with every note sung.

7. Naturally 7 - Fix You

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Naturally 7 / Via

The song has been covered too many times to count but the arrangement on this Coldplay ballad is mind blowing.

8. Kina Grannis & Sisters - Burn

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Kina Grannis / Via

Looks like talent runs in this family of sisters.

9. m-pact - Human Nature

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m-pact / Via

A soulful rendition of one of our favourite Michael Jackson songs.

10. Rozzi Crane, Scott Hoying, Mitch Grassi, & Cary Singer - Stay With Me

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Rozzi Crane / Via

When the right people get together for a collaboration, magic happens. There are not enough adjectives in the world to describe how much we love this version of this Sam Smith summer single.

Author's Note: Which covers are your favourite? Leave a comment and let us know!

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