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19 Practical Mother's Day Gifts For Moms Who Are Hard To Shop For

Give her something she'll actually love and use.

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Choosing Mother's Day gifts is always hard for me — because my mom doesn't really like jewelry or perfume or flowers, and I think we're past the point where I can get away with giving her a photo of me glued to a construction paper flower.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, here are a bunch of tried-and-true gifts that I've given to my extremely hard to shop for mom and grandma over the years:

1. A good looking lunch box.,,

Get them all on Amazon — the Mier (comes in three colors) for $17.55, the Baloray (comes in three colors) for $8.99, the Hango for $21.99 (for a set that contains two sizes).


2. Or some beeswax wrap.,

Mom, if you're reading this, stop now.







Everyone else...hello.

I am actually getting my mom some of this dope beeswax wrap for her birthday in June! It's great.

Get it from Amazon — a three-pack of the yellow (which I have and love) for $18, or a three-pack of the produce print for $17.95.

3. A squatty potty.,,

I bought my mom a Squatty Potty for Christmas a few years ago. Don't @ me.

Get them from Amazon — white plastic for $24.99, teak for $59.99, bamboo for $72.57, or a travel one for $29.99. (GET YOUR MOM THE FANCY BAMBOO ONE, YOU MONSTER! JK, it's your money and you know your mom best, so do whatever you want.)

4. Or, depending on your family's comfort levels with this sort of thing, a bidet is another option.

Maaaaaaaybe don't make her open it at brunch though???

Buy this one (a bestseller that BuzzFeed readers LOVE!) from Amazon for $34.75.


6. Or a tension-melting acupressure mat.,

I have the gray one, and it's great; meanwhile, my coworker Terri loves the green one.

Get the gray for $25.99 (available in seven colors).

7. A pair of smart plugs.

And then go ahead and set them up for her — not because she's old and can't figure out modern technology , but because smart plugs are a teeny bit fussy (I have them, from two different brands, and it's just how it is) and it's nice for her to not have to worry about it. (And also because that's always a nice thing to do when you get someone a gift!)

Get them from Amazon for $19.32 each.

8. A new pillow.

I'm a huge fan of giving bed-related gifts/upgrading people's bedding, because it's something they often forget to do for themselves. Like, my mom recently bought a new mattress, for the first time in almost 20 years. TWENTY YEARS! MOM!!!!! WYD????

Anyway, the "Snuggle-Pedic" one pictured above has nearly 11,000 Amazon reviews, a 4.5-star rating, and a B on Fakespot.

Get it from Amazon for $49.99.


12. Reusable bags for foodstuffs.,,

Again: SO practical! I actually just added the silicone storage bags to my cart to order some for my mom.

Get them all from Amazon — a set of four silicone storage bags for $14.58; a set of five produce bags for $10.97; or a set of nine produce bags (in varying sizes) for $13.97.


15. A new shower cap.


This shower cap isn't cheap, but it's beautiful, and as someone who wears a shower cap for most showers, I can tell you that it's incredibly practical and worth every penny. It also makes me feel like a queen.

Get it for $43 from Sephora or Bloomingdale's (available in 12 colors/patterns).

18. A cold brew coffee maker.

It's super easy to use and such a nice way to upgrade her coffee. I've had this particular one for seven years and it's never let me down.

Get it on Amazon for $34.95.

And, if she doesn't already have one, you could give her an electric coffee grinder. Get a highly-rated one from Amazon for $18.22.