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What Creative Hobbies Got You Through A Difficult Time?

Making stuff is a good way to occupy your mind and your hands and feel a tiny bit less awful.

When your life is in shambles, creative hobbies can help a lot.

They occupy your mind and your hands and make the world feel a tiny bit less bad.

We want to hear about the hobbies that helped you cope during really bad times. Maybe you took up knitting to help you deal with anxiety following a traumatic experience.

Perhaps you found that sewing soothed your soul after a loved one was diagnosed with a major illness.

Or maybe you, like Brad Pitt, got really into all kinds of DIY following your divorce.

Tell us about the creative hobbies you turned to or the art you created during times of crisis (and/or show us pictures!) and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video!