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    23 Ways To Make Your New Place Feel Like Home

    Because it's hard to feel settled when you're surrounded by boxes and can't get to your couch or clean underwear.

    1. Make your bed.

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    Whether that means getting out the tool box and assembling it, or just making up the mattress that sits on the floor, do it.

    2. Plug in a few lamps.||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_--_-

    Because overhead lighting rarely sets the right mood.

    3. Clean it.

    In a perfect world, your landlord or the previous owner will make sure it's sparkling, but we all know it's not a perfect world. So be ready to do a little dusting.

    4. Get the bathroom set up.

    Nothing says "new apartment" like a curtainless shower, so hang one up ASAP. Then stock the bathroom with towels, a bath mat, hand soap, body wash, and toilet paper.

    5. Help your pets get settled.

    Put out their water/food, and set up their beds. If you have a dog, take them on a walk or to a nearby park so they can get to know your neighborhood too.

    6. Put on some music.

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    You may not have much in the way of entertainment yet, but you can still listen to your favorite songs.

    7. Get your internet set up.

    Is there anything that makes you feel more relieved once you've moved into a new place? No. No, there is not.

    8. Light some candles.

    The smell will instantly remind you of your last place.

    9. Go to the grocery store and stock up on the essentials.

    Having staples like ketchup, mustard, peanut butter, milk, cereal, and salt and pepper will help you shake off that sad empty-fridge feeling. (And it'll make all the takeout you're ordering taste that much better!)

    10. Take a stroll around your neighborhood.

    La Citta Vita / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: la-citta-vita

    Now is the time to see if it really is as charming as the rental listing made it sound.

    11. Hang up curtains.

    They instantly make a room feel more welcoming.

    12. Pick one room and prioritize making it completely cozy.

    Choose the living room or a bedroom, clear it of all boxes, set up the furniture, and add lots of pillows and blankets; it's good to have a safe place when the rest of your house is a disaster. (h/t Orlando Sentinel)

    13. If you're moving in to your partner's place, do a little redecorating together.

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    Rearranging the furniture, picking out new paint colors, or choosing a new couch together will make the place feel more "ours" and less "his" or "hers."

    14. Hang up your favorite photos or artwork.

    Yes, hanging things is a pain, but it goes a long way toward making things feel homey.

    15. If you don't have a dining room table yet, get creative.

    Stack up some boxes that you don't need to unpack right away, cover them in a tablecloth, and enjoy some fine dining.

    16. If you're allowed to paint the walls, go for it.

    Kim Cornelison Photography Inc. Benjamin Moore / Via

    Even just painting one wall will make the space feel different. (Bonus: It's a good way to chase out that "someone else's house" smell.)

    17. If you aren't allowed to paint, consider wall decals or removable wallpaper.

    Find cool options here.

    18. Introduce yourself to your neighbors.

    JR P / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: ugardener

    Not only is it nice, but it helps relieve those "But what if I die alone in my apartment and no one finds me so my cat ends up eating me?" fears.

    19. Unpack your books.

    Or your magazines. Or just your coffee maker and a few mugs. Whatever is going to fill your heart with joy.

    20. Add life with plants.

    They add so much to a space! Opt for succulents if you're worried you'll kill them.

    21. Plan to have guests over in a few weeks.

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    Even just a low-key gathering will motivate you to get unpacked and semi-organized.

    22. Once you've unpacked a little bit, start moving all your remaining boxes to one room.

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    Building a fort with them is optional.

    23. Actually spend time there.

    If you're never around, your place won't feel like a home at all. So make a point to cook at home a few nights a week, read on your patio, or spend regular Lazy Sundays in bed. The more time you spend actually using your place, the more it'll feel like yours.