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20 Tips To Up Your iPhone Photography Game

If you want your photos to get All the Likes, try these tricks.

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2. Use the iPhone's grid feature to help you compose your shots.

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To turn it on, go to Settings, select Photos & Camera, and enable the grid feature. Then read up on the Rule of Thirds.

3. Hold down the camera's shutter to take multiple photos in rapid succession.

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This is called "burst mode" and can be great for capturing action shots.

4. Use the rear-facing camera (the one on the back of your phone) instead of the front-facing camera (the one used for selfies) whenever you can.

Brad Mangin / Via

The rear-facing camera takes photos at a much higher resolution, so you get nicer images.

5. Turn off the flash before taking photos of your food.

This will help you avoid Martha-Stewart-style food pics.

7. Avoid using the camera's zoom tool if possible.

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Instead, move your body closer to your subject, or crop the photo after you've taken it.

8. Use the headphones that came with your iPhone as a remote for taking photos.

Plug them in, open the camera app, and press the "up" volume button to snap pics. It's a great tool if you're using a tripod or want to take a selfie.

10. Keep in mind that your phone doesn't snap a photo until you take your finger OFF the shutter.

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So stay still as you release to avoid blurry photos.

12. Convert pics to black and white for a more stunning photo.

Brad Mangin / Via

Pro photographer Brad Mangin suggests doing this to get a better photo, especially if you're shooting in low light.

14. Use an external wide-angle lens to get amazing close-up shots.

Try a macro lens from Photojojo.

15. Use the VSCO app for gorgeous filters.

Download it here.

16. Use the LookBirdy app when photographing kids or pets.

It makes bird sounds to get them to look at the camera; download it here.

18. Add sparkles (also known as "bokeh") with the Picfx app.

Download it here.

19. Try the Diptic app to create photo collages.

You can download it here.

20. Snap TONS of photos.

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You won't always nail the perfect shot on the first (or fifth!) try.